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Futurama Web News
Archive for November 2001

Fresh new start

Ok, I thought I would make a nice long and boring web news article for all of you who have no clue what has happened within the last 5-ish months. Also, marc made me do this. So if you don't like it, blame him at:

For all you newbies, here is what has happened within the last 6-ish months of the Futurama net community... About 6 months ago Jason Peavey deleted CGEF without Andie's approval, which of course made Andie mad ("grrrrr" kind of mad also). So, ever since then, he has been promising "a big comeback" which never happened (well, it did happen 4 days ago). According to Andie, the CGEF comeback was delayed because he was busy drinking and getting laid (a likely story).

While CGEF was gone, PEEL was also gone due to getting deleted by "mistake" when CGEF was deleted. PEEL was down for about 1 or 2 months before [-mArc-] finally got bored and paid for web hosting. Thus PEEL was back and running. Since then, PEEL (even though it was just a message board) was the most up-to-date Futurama general news web site. With new topics and posts every day (about 2200 new posts weekly), PEEL became a runaway success! (doesn't that sound lame? "A runaway success!")

While CGEF was gone, there were almost no general Futurama web sites, only character sites, a couple of one topic related sites like my own merchandise site, and a now deceased link site called Planet Roadmap. So the web was desperately lacking a "Futurama Super Site". There was The Futurama Point, but sadly the webmaster was and is too busy to update more than once or twice a week. Months before CGEF's deletion, The Futurama Outlet was down due to the fact that the host they were at screwed them up and held their content hostage if they didn't pay up for something that is still unclean in my head. The Futurama Outlet has been promising to have a new host and a new layout for the past 6 months, yet the net community hasn't seen any of this come true.

So while CGEF was gone, sites like The Leela Zone, Say Argh, And Good news Everyone were making up for the lack of quality in futurama sites - and, I have to say, those 3 sites did a very good job doing so. Sadly, Good News Everyone has fallen off the face of this earth and no one knows where it is. So we might lose a wonderful Farnsworth site now.

04-11-2001 |

Planet Deadmap

Sadly, all the rumors were true, and Planet Roadmaps, the one and only Futurama link site has been put to rest. Jason of PR has stated that he was tired of maintaining the site, and when the server deleted his account, he just wanted to put it to an end. I, along with many others will miss this very good site that has been on the net for over 2 years. Jason said that he isn't going to leave the Futurama community, so maybe we will see him do something else soon.

New up-and-coming fan site
There is a cool new site called 'A Big Piece of Garbage' made by Rubio Medina. At the moment it doesn't have much content. But I think it will be a nice site that will be more of a personal Futurama site then a warehouse site. Check it out here.

06-11-2001 |

Zoidby want balloon!

Scotty of Say Argh was bitching to me today that he doesn't update SA because there is no competition. So on that note, please submit zoidberg related content to me for my new zoidberg site, it's call 'zoiderama' and will open once I have content and a new layout. :-D You can submit all content/pictures/quotes/info to Thank you and God bless.

If you couldn't figure out, the above zoidberg update was a joke, but if I feel like it, I might actually make the site.

08-11-2001 |

Happy anniversary to Fsac!

The Futurama Scan-Art Central celebrated its 1st anniversary today. Congratulations to Paul and all the other contributors at Fsac.

Tally me banana
Hermes groove palace has a nice new layout. Check it out.

09-11-2001 |

Server Problemas?

No, I'm not talking about CGEF and I'm not talking about Futurama Outlet (?) either. SSF is having server problems. Jarnik the webmaster says " don't know what's happening. The server is down for a week but other hosted sites are working OK, just SSF isn't... ". Let's just hope this wonderful site gets back quickly :)

12-11-2001 |

SSF is back...

after a scary 96Hours. He says "Hi, SSF is on-line again, but there are still some malfunctioning sections due to the MySQL problems.". So get well SSF

13-11-2001 |

[homer] boring [/homer]

Due to the lack of web news, I figured that I would make a list of the most popular web sites that update, and don't update...

Can't Get Enough Futurama - updated almost daily. But you already know that because you're on it right now.

Futurama Scan Art Center - Updated almost daily with lots of "art".

The Futurama Outlet - hasn't been updated in months, I now consider this site dead till further notice.

Good News Everyone! - Also dead until further notice.

The Leela Zone - Updated daily with tons of Leela info.

Say Argh! - updated about twice a week with Zoidberg content and other "stuff"

Futurama merchandise page - *my site* updated about twice a week with up-to-date information regarding Futurama merchandise and "much more!".

Space Station Futurama - Updated about once or twice a week with cool flash games and more.

The Futurama Point - Updated about once a week with some of the most original content you could ever think of.

Much Ado about Futurama - dead site.

Futurama Center - Updated about once every other week or so.

Free Futurama Project - Not updated, but is still a good site to try to help futurama get a better time slot.

Alien Unlimited - Updated about every other week.

Planet Express - Updated almost daily

Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace (LiC) - Update about once a week with all the love content that you can think of.

One And Only Bender - Updated about once a week.

Hermes Conrad - Updated about once a week.

Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong - Updated about once a month or so.

Planet Roadmaps - dead

Did I miss any web news? Is there a new Futurama site out? Email me that info by clicking *this*

21-11-2001 |

New new new! has merged with Futurama Unlimited and is now called "Futurama Center Unlimited" and has a new layout. I for one, don't like the layout much, but mostly, I hate the font. If the webmaster(s) just clean it up a little more, then I think it will be a good site. That's just my two cents. 7 out of 10

'A Big Piece Of Garbage' is now officially open. It is mostly a fan site with lots of original content like reviews and other tid bits. The webmaster also has a contents in which you post a comment about a possible toy that Dark Horse comics wants to make. Here is what the web site says about the contest...

"As many of you already know, Dark Horse Comics will be coming out with there HG Blob squishy toy sometime in January. If you are like me you are looking forward to this coming out. What you may not know at this time is that they are contemplating producing a squishy Zoidberg as well. What your mission is - should you choose to accept it - is to give your opinions on this idea in my guestbook. All suggestions and comments will be read by Dark Horse Comics and this is an oppurtunity to have your voice heard regarding future merchandise at Dark Horse. As an added bonus I will be giving away a free glow in the dark Leela bendy figure by selecting a random entry from the guestbook so don't forget to include your email address so that I can contact you. After the contest has run its course I will take down all information pertaining to the squishy Zoidberg and post them all in a seperate page in the future. At that time the regular guestbook will resume. The contest will run for at least a couple of weeks or until comments regarding the Zoidberg stop. I look forward to reading all of your comments and good luck!"

21-11-2001 |

~`~New site`~`~

A new futurama site called 'The Futurama Message board' has opened. Basically, it is a general web site linked with a message board. Check it out.

27-11-2001 |

~`~Dead web site`~`~

Well, after 3 days of being open, 'The Futurama Message board' closed its doors due to the fact that people at peel didnt like it. Sad that a webmaster would just give up a site on a couple of peoples opinions.

Paul and others from FSAC have opened 'Toons R Us message board'

30-11-2001 |

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