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We're off to see the wizard...

UPDATE to the below news!!:
incase you wondered wether tonight's episode is going to be any good, check out this (very un-spoilery) review by the great Herc of the world famous Ain't it Cool News. It makes it into the 'Coxial News' column on the site, A place usually reserved for Buffy, Angel et al. He gives it a massive 4 stars and says it 'might be the best episode ever'. He also disses The Simpsons and makes the common point that Futurama Rules and The Simpsons now Sucks! Check it out here:
(top right corner)

Well, I know I've been as invisible as, well, me but I finally got round to doing the Freeze Frame file for A Tale of Two Santas, Enjoy!

Tonight's episode (which should definitely be broadcast, check locally) is the long awaited Anthology of Interest II featuring what ifs from Fry, Bender and Leela.
It's written by fan's favourite Lewis(Amazon Women, Mother's Day)Morton, 'Da Boss' David X Cohen and Jason Gorbett & Scott Kirby(oooohh, Newbies!!). It is directed by Bret Haaland(A Head in the Polls, The Deep South)
Should be a great episode! Remember to POST YOUR REVIEW after the episode!
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