Can't Get Enough Futurama

Why no new futurama?

I hoped you all enjoyed the rerun of Bendless Love cause it'll be a while till you see some futurama again

Fox will air most of its regular schedule against the Olympics, primarily with new episodes. And the network, which had pledged to tone down its reality programming, will air at least one reality special as Olympics competition. On Feb. 22, Fox will air the two-hour special When Animals Invade Your Home vs. the Olympics' figure-skating exhibition event. The network had also planned to air Glutton Bowl: The World's Greatest Eating Competition on Feb. 21 against the Olympics' women's figure-skating finals (typically the Games' top-rated event), but Glutton Bowl's airdate was undetermined at press time.

So we will probably (there could be reruns, but we can't guarantee anything) have no Futurama till after the olympics, which is a grim day for Robot and Human kind We will try to entertain you with new stuff and information. Post your comments...
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