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Merchandise Update

Small () update on the merchandise world:

  • Finally the Futurama T-Shirt got stocked again. It's dark olive green with black sleeves and V-collar, has the Futurama Logo on it's back and a pic with "The Future is today - Worry about it tomorrow" on the front. It went out of stock pretty soon after being released and finally got back at our associated store eMerchandise for $18.95

  • There are rumours of Rix Products producing Futurama stuff soon. I'd bet on playing cards with Futurama characters on them.

  • It's now less than a week till the UK Amazon will ship the region 2 DVD set and two weeks for the german set. The spanish set was postponed to late May but as far as we know it is the same set as the german one (just different labels) featuring sound in German, English, Spanish and scandinavian dubbing for the fans from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finnland.
    So, if you want to have the 13 episodes on 3 discs ASAP, preorder them now.

    Ugh, wasn't that short an update
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