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Happy Valentines!

What? Ok, ok. Not yet. But it will be happy cause FOX seems to have decided to air the 4ACV Valentines episode 'Love & Rocket' on Sunday 10th Feb.

Here is a snippet about its content coming from David X Cohen out of an interview he gave to
"Our Valentine's episode guest stars Sigourney Weaver, and she is a popular favorite around here. She is playing the voice of the Planet Express ship. It's a pretty abstract role she's taken on. The basic idea is they install a new personality in the ship, which has a female voice. Bender immediately falls in love with it and has a whirlwind romance with the spaceship itself."

Let's hope they really show it and don't just ditch it again a day before it would air.

Also, you can preorder the 2003 Futurama calendar at now. It will be shipped in August, but it can't hurt to be on their list. Big preorder numbers cause them to stock more similar items. Plus it's 20% off right now.
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