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Futurama Comic Capsules

One of the first hour Futurama webmasters - Sachit - gave us a great set of Comic Capsules. I uploaded the Capsule #1 for now. More to follow.

As I was asked this more than once:
The US DVDs are no where near to being published due to probable syndication in future. A normal US-DVD player will not play the UK Season 1 DVD set due to PAL standard and region 2 encoding. You need a TV / DVD combo capable of displaying PAL and a DVD player with selectable region code (usually the local TV freak shop can fix that).

Also, our buddies over at Evergreen Terrace have a poll up asking if Futurama is currently better than the Simpsons. Only 13% said yes by now as they are all Simpsons fans there. Fly my minions and even it out!
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