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Future Video Game

Sachit and myself have made a new section devoted to the new Futurama Video Game coming out this Christmas. Sachit did about 80% of it, while I did about 20%... so email Sachit if you have any comments on it, OR better yet, use the comments feature on this update to voice your opinion. By the way, I highly suggest that you go the this new section, because it has TONS of new information regarding the game (plot, game type, consoles, release dates, ect. ect.)

Also, don't forget to read the exclusive interview I had with the games producer Anders Hejdenberg, from UDS. And if that wasn't enough, I added 3 new questions to the interview from a recent email I had with him. So click here and read the interview!

Coming later this week from Jon:

  • Report regarding the Paley TV Festival which will include a full report of the day, pictures, audio samples, and a transcript of the entire evening.
  • A full merchandise review of the Moore Action Collectibles Fry, Leela, Bender, and Planet Express ship action figures. And also the two ornament sets released by MAC last X-Mas.
  • Super Duper Extra Special contest!!!! With an extra super duper prize! A real prize
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