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Rix Tins has just released a view of the Waste Paper Basket of their product line. This will make a great place to store your AOL disks collection. They are still reporting that this line is due out in April.

With the Announcement that UDS Signed a Distribution Agreement for the Futurama game with British Games Publisher SCi, meaning that the whole world will have access to the game and anticipation building, You may be wondering what the webpage address will be. Licensed to the Swedish developer Unique Development Studios:

The link is broken as of now, but hold on to it.

Bender on Final Fantasy X?
Nope, but if you didn't know.. the voice of Bender, John Dimaggio voiced for both Kimahri and Wakka on Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2. He gives them Hawaiian accents which are fitting to the characters personas and backrounds. Thanks Todd Sjolander for the tip.

I'll be releasing some media this weekend. Laterz.
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