Can't Get Enough Futurama

Uh...Cross Town Express

In the Entertainment Weeklies March issue, The Futurama DVD makes the Most-Wanted list as one of the 10 Best DVDs You're Not Supposed to Be Able to Buy in the U.S. They Write "Futurama Fry fans may want to go on a Bender overseas, where the first season is available, loaded with deleted scenes and a Matt Groening commentary." Of course it's not like we don't have to buy it. Just wish they would make things easier (shipping prices suck.)

Holding onto some media before I release it because I'd like to make them better. Things in the works right now:

3D Cursor Theme
-Futurama Alien Alphabet 2 True Type Font
-Windows XP and Mac OS X ready icons.

See Ya.
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