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Merchandise Update

Futurama: Horrible Gelatinous Blob Squishy Toy
The 'Horrible Gelatinous Blob Squishy Toy' is now shipping at TFAW for $9.99 and made it 'This week's #1 bestselling toy' right away. You can order it online at TFAW or from amazon (not shipping yet, but should soon).

Also, I found that an online store called 'T-Shirt King' is selling 2 Futurama T-Shirts:
  • a black 'Bend with Care' one (my favourite)
  • a charcoal 'Don't let the human race destroy outer space' one for the PC guys and gals.
    Both are $17.99 plus shipping and available in 3 sizes.
    Last time I announced a T-Shirt over at eMerchandise they were gone again in 4 days.
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