Can't Get Enough Futurama

Time for a religious donation

Bored? Well, I found someone else who was
Have a look at these cute Futurama Fisher Price Figures.

Looking at the air dates of the Futurama episodes, you might notice that Futurama just today turned 3.

Also, We are slowly reaching in on 100,000 signatures on our petition! Sign it if you haven't yet! And while at it, also sign this one which seeks to make MTV sell their old cartoon series like "The Maxx" - which was also partly done by our beloved Rough Draft Studios - on DVD ... cause I say so ...

Oh, a Futurama Merchandise Forum was added to the popular message board PEEL. If you want to discuss the DVD set or your new Wind-up Gender Bender or just get info on new stuff, go there.
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