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Foxy Answers 3

In case you wrote FOX again inquiring, you probably got something like this answer:

We will decide that in May of 2003 - just like any other show for the 03/04 Season.
Talk to you in a year.
Thanks for writing.

Boy, that guy answering askfox@ must be pissed... In a year, hu? I think not.
Lets see ... It takes about 6 to 9 months to produce a Futurama episode. That is, if there is a well trained team, which there is no more. So, make it 10. Now, 10 months from May 2003 that's ... March 2004. Not quite the season start of 2003 (September 2003). They need to hire them by November/December this year the latest, not in a year.
Go write the FOX!
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