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After praising the British channel Sky|One a few days ago, it seems like they felt that it's time to get back on us: As 'PCC Fred' tells on PEEL, they decided not to show Futurama next Sunday. According to digiguide they will show the episode one week later though. So hopes are high that they actually show "all" season 4 episodes.

That said: The German channel Pro7 is going to continue showing season 3 episodes on Sat, Jun 1st at 18:00 after they stopped it due to weak ratings. While that timeslot sure is far from good in summer, germans at least get the chance to see the superb episode "Amazonen machen Snu Snu" ("Amazon Women in the Mood") on that date.

And related to this: Our International TV Listing might be out of date. It's hard for us to check that as we do not have contributers in every single country (yet ). If you see listings that need updating or know of a new country that shows Futurama, use the comments for this news-entry.
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