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The Paper Saga Continues

Futurama Comic #9 is available today. 32 full color pages By Eric Rogers, Tom King and Bill Morrison. Bongo Solicitation reads:
It seems like "Great Nephew Day" creeps up on you all of a sudden, just like "Red-Headed Stepchild Day." So Fry goes in search of the perfect gift for Professor Farnsworth. Little does he know that his gift will lead to a scientifically unexplainable phenomenon that will make them both swap bodies. Farnworth's personality inhabits Fry's body and vice versa. The whole thing turns into a really "Freaky Fry Day."

If you haven't pre-ordered, then pick up a copy at FandomShop Online for $2.50 or Forbidden Planet (click 'comics' then '23rd May') for
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