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Sky|One at it again *updated*

Looks like the British channel Sky|One is at it again:
Instead of a new season 4 episode they'll show a rerun of the season 3 episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid on June 2nd. Thanks to 'PCC Fred' for telling me that.
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Additon by 'The Skoot' on PEEL:
However, Sky are showing Futurama loads next week for Half-Term, including a documentary! Here's what will shown:
11:00 - Put Your Head On My Shoulders
15:45 - Futurama: Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow
11:00 - The Problem With Popplers
15:00 - Xmas Story
15:30 - Brannigan Begin Again
15:00 - Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love
15:30 - Lesser Of Two Evils
15:00 - A Bicyclops Built For Two
15:30 - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
PS: The 4 feet Bender Maquette at Tower Records (extras -> action figures) now says "low stock" which according to their FAQ means 3 or less left.
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