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Futurama Episode Capsules

A long time ago the site FrCr started doing Episode Capsules for each and every Futurama episode. These were mostly put together in the newsgroup, but with the site the episode capsule business died down quite some also.
We want to try to let people who aren't comfy with newsgroups still have a chance to contribute to these documents. For that reason, I set up a submission page for all the weird or notable things you see in the episode tonight ("Rosswell that ends well"). The page looks a bit chunky still as I was on a hurry to get everything done, but the raw text output it creates on the fly looks neat already. One thing that the capsules used to have but we won't have is a full transcript (legal reasons).

I know it's not easy to contribute to this effort, but have a try If this works out somewhat we might go on with it.
The original capsule for this episode was compiled by Jym Dyer, who maintains an archive of other capsules.
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