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More Fanny Stuff

Not that kind of fanny ...

'SoulFX' sent me a coloured version of Lorenz K.'s Leela in a ... nice outfit Lorenz gave permission for that of course and so you can see the picture here now. For all the guys: Hands on table...

Also, The Voices sent in a neat picture of the planet express ship in space which I made into 3 resolutions for wallpapers (scroll down to the bottom of the page. Cuss some if you don't have a mousewheel).

And then, we got a newcomer in the Fan Fiction world. Payn sent in his very first fic called "Triassic 3: The Misplaced":

The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to Triassic 3, the site of a new theme park filled with dinosaurs reconstructed from ancient DNA and modern scientific knowledge. Together with the owner of the theme park and two cute little children, they're given the opportunity to take a tour of the park before it's opened to the public. What could possibly go wrong?

Read it and rate it!
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