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This Bongos My Mind!

Have more info on the Futurama/Simpsons Special: INFINITELY SECRET CROSSOVER CRISIS #1. It will be a 2 part series with the first comic arriving in early September. Bongo Solicitations read: "What would happen if the Planet Express crew met the Simpsons... and how is it even possible? Take one millennial edition of a Bongo comic, add in two Brain Spawns, mix in one 20th century man plucked out of time, and stir it up with an interstellar three-eyed creature with a huge appetite... and anything is possible." Promo pics are available if you Click Here for 'Fry and Bart hover boarding' or Here for 'Bender and Homer tipping cheers.'

Bongo will also be releasing Futurama Comics 1,2,3 and 4 again in September. This will be your last chance to get individual copies before all 4 books are compiled by HarperCollins | Perennial Library in November as Futurama-O-Rama (save 20% now). Laterz.
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