Can't Get Enough Futurama

Fan Stuff Time

Got a pile of Futurama Fan stuff for you today:

Erdrik sent me 4 Futurama Fan Arts: The one on the right is called "Quick Ride" and then we have some tickly action, Leela in the 5th Element dress and some random guy in the Futurama drawing style. Think he got some sort of electro-mace? Oh well, nice drawings!

Juliet from One and only Bender gave us 3 Futurama Scans/Fan Arts: The Bundy-Leela you can see to the left, an alternative version of it and Fry & Bender side by side with highlighting and some effects.

Next up: A new fan art submitter called Coole Cav. Have a look at his three fan arts.

And finally, Stephen Reid submitted 3 more Futurama guitar tabs. He wants to know if anyone can come up with the song that starts playing in "Time keeps on slipping" when Fry invites Leela to his time shelter. Know it? Use the comments or mail me.

Thanks again to all submitters!
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