Can't Get Enough Futurama

Bettah Late, Then Nevah!

Featured to the right is a view of the Los Angeles/New York News daily publication Daily Variety from Reed Business Information. This was a Daily News item offered June 13th, 2002. Unfortunately, There is no articles about Futurama, but the cover at 15x10 is worth the $2.95 US. You may be able to grab a copy at an auction site or email them about a back issue. Yeah, It's the same pic as in the 2002 Calendar, but it still goes good with your collections.

Grants Toys prides themselves as being the first to stock the Rix Coasters Series I (back of Blister Pack pic). Thanks to AKA FrysGirl for the heads up. If you can't wait for your pre-orders at existing retailers, You'll be paying a couple dollars extra. Laterz.
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