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Nasteve sent in some more guitar tabs for various small sound parts of the show.

Our visitor PCC Fred got this letter printed in the British SFX magazine:
Dear SFX,
During your review of Futurama's fourth season in the June issue, you ask "why isn't anybody watching this?"
There are two reasons. First, bad scheduling. In the US it's scheduled at a time where it's continually knocked off air by overrunning American football matches. On C4 it's shown far too early, and is then subject to a "C4 edit". In both cases it puts people off watching it.
Second is lack of publicity. Except for when it actually started, Futurama has had little publicity on Sky or C4, and rarely gets mentioned in TV magazines. Even SFX isn't immune to this. The article in the June issue aside, there's been little coverage of the show. There was no review of the first season VHS/DVD releases, and even the show's cancellation only warranted a couple of inches of column space, with no mention of the online campaign to save the show at .
It's a real shame that the show's been cancelled, because it's been one of the most well-written and wittiest shows to come out of America in years.
Good points. Now, your turn to nag your TV magazine or press to write something up! Many of them have online sites with contact email addresses. Just point them to this site and ask nicely if they would like to have some article up in their magazine.
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