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Futurama Syndication?

There has been some (seemingly well-informed) rumour about Futurama being syndicated on Cartoon Network as part of the Adult Swim block. The rumours started on the San Diego Comic Con where strangely enough non of the Futurama people talked about it, but the Cartoon Network guys seemingly did. Here is a thread about it on PEEL and a short notice at 'Cartoon Research' (authored by Jerry Beck who works for Cartoon Network if I remember correctly).

    This could mean several things:
  • A late time slot (possibly after midnight even).
  • Futurama gets to show how well it performs with an older audience
  • Opens the gates for American Season 1 DVDs in a few years
  • They could run 5 days a week
  • Might make it more lucrative for FOX to order a real new Season 5
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