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Futurama Season 2 DVDs: November

FOX in the UK told me that the Futurama Season 2 DVD set would indeed be released in November and not October like stated before.
Also, good news for those without a DVD player: A VHS version will be released, too.

Update: As noted in the comments, lowered the price for the season 2 set to ~ €50 today. These discs will very very likely include english sound again. If you want to preorder them but know no german here is what you need to click to order:

1. "Jetzt vorbestellen" (in the top right)
2. Zur Kasse gehen (in the top left)
3. enter your email address in the top box and check the first box saying "Ich bin ein neuer Kunde", then "weiter"
4. enter fields in order: first+lastname, leave empty, streetaddress, city code, city name, leave empty, country and phonenumber
5. click weiter twice
6. enter some password in the top box, repeat in box below, check "Visa/VisaElectron" and select your credit card type, enter credit card number, expiration date and owner name to the right of that
7. click weiter twice

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