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Lotsa Merchandise at TFAW

The 'Dark Horse' subsidiary 'Things from another planet' has stocked up on Futurama Merchandise. Here are some new highlights:

Futurama Tin Coaster Set
For only $5.99 you get four tin coasters in a neatly high quality. They are available off the shelve right now. Read the detailed and picture rich Futurama Coaster review by Jon, our lovable rascal.

Squishy Brain Slug
The picture you see is a prototype only. The real thing will be around sometime next year - probably February. But TFAW offers 10% off the price ($8.99 then) if you pre order it now. This is the toy many have been waiting for. The real thing should look some less 'painted'.

Zapp Brannigan Atomic Ray Gun
This is meant to ship in two months already, but I got no real picture of it yet. You can see a prototype picture of this highly nostalgic tin gun on Jon's TFMP. Again: 10% off the price ($11.69 then) if you pre order it now!

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