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Some Clarifications on Futurama

As there have been news on slahsdot and Fark about Futurama today, here are some things in regards to our current understanding of Futurama's state:
  • CN seems to be negotiating for reruns only for now
  • Nothing is confirmed by "the heads" as of now
  • Futurama is out of production this year. The episodes that are shown from 11-11-02 on are left overs from Season 3 and 4. No production run 5. Quite some if not most of the artists and writers had to switch to other productions (like back to the Simpsons)
Many get confused by the fact that Futurama is both "on TV" and "out of production".
Our news on the CN thing:
  • Futurama Syndication?
  • More information from source

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