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Baseball Strike Date set

This season's Baseball - repeatedly the reason for Futurama pre-emptions - might run into a strike starting on August 30th unless an agreement between the owners and players is found:
Sports Illustrated:
Players set an Aug. 30 strike date Friday, moving the sport closer to its ninth work stoppage in three decades and angering fans sick of money squabbles. [...] The St. Louis Cardinals' game at the Chicago Cubs on Aug. 30 would be the first affected by a strike. Fourteen games are scheduled for that night.
The mean strike duration in the past has been 2 weeks, but the average is as high as 46 days due to the last strike in 1994/95 which lasted as long as 234 days.

Enough Baseball babble, what's this got to do with Futurama?

FOX can't just go black screen on its Baseball Sundays. About a month ago they told that they'd be vested with "alternative programming" but wouldn't disclose details.
Pure speculation: This might mean that they have to pull the season start of Futurama and other shows some more towards September.
News Corp. President Peter Chernin:
We have put together fall launch plans that are sort of based around the playoffs and the World Series and using that as a promotional platform to help launch those series. If that is not there, I guess there won't be a promotional platform and it will disrupt our scheduling plans.
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