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Futurama today: Godfellas

Hey, I'm back from holiday and Andie is back from being lazy (got the whip handy), so there should be updates from now on again
So, first thing to do: tell you what's on today. Godfellas it is! That's my favourite Season 4 episode where Bender is catapulted into space and both becomes and meets God. Here are some links for it:
  • Episode Guide
  • lots of reviews
  • Frame Grabs
  • Sounds & Quotes
  • and of course the Episode Capsule

    Watch it, it's great! (A 92% rating from over 90 reviews can't lie)

    Next week: No Futurama
    Week after: Rerun of the season 3 premier The Honking, but pre-empted for NFL in the Eastern and Central time zones.
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