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Season 5 updates

Some new stuff on Futurama Season 5:
  • Associated Press has a report on the possible Baseball strike this year (decision on Saturday) which includes this:
    The entertainment division would take over the lost prime-time postseason time slots, but the network is scrambling to decide whether to move the launch of the new season for many shows to October instead of after the World Series.
    However, with only 16 episodes left, this is somewhat unlikely to happen to Futurama.

  • mediaweek columnist Marc Berman lists Futurama with a premiere date of November 10th at 7:30 pm now. This would go with information we previously wrote about. If FOX does promote the new time slot and Futurama gets to actually stay there instead of fluctuating, then this would be a good thing, as it means less football preempting. If ...
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