Can't Get Enough Futurama

FOX Outlook

We're navigating into dry regions with FOX right now.
  • Today (Sun, 1st of September):
    Futurama is being preempted for the FOX Special 'What's Inside the FOX BOX?'. Well? What it is? Animated children shows which are to air on Saturday mornings throughout this season: 'Kirby: Right back at ya!', 'Ultraman Tiga', 'Ultimate Muscle', 'Fighting Foodons' and 'Stargate Infinity'. For detailed descriptions on the cartoons, look at this 4Kids Press Release.
  • Sunday 8th: Technically, season 3 episode 'The Honking', but for the East and Central time zones Futurama is being preempted by NFL.
  • Sunday 15th: Futurama will be preempted for 'Jurassic Park: The Lost World'.
And for those not following US news: Baseball is not striking this year, so FOX won't have to pull show premieres to October.
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