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The interpretation of FOX replies

I've been getting a lot of responses from people who emailed FOX months ago, and most of them are the same. So what is FOX hiding, and are they really on the level when they say it's all false rumours? The following will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Standard Fox Reply:
You really should stop listening to False Rumors!!
False they say. The story about Futurama' future being very uncertain has been confirmed by Matt Groening himself and by many other people from the production team.
FUTURAMA will be back this coming Season with a full season of ALL-NEW episodes!!!!!
New you say? Not entirely the truth... The episodes that will be aired in the so called new season are in fact leftovers from the last seasons that weren't aired. There are no new episodes in production.
We have enough ALL-NEW episodes to air for the entire 2002/03 Season!!
Basicly confirming our story, and repeating themselves.
Note: We don't pick up ANY FOX show for the 2003/04 Season until MAY 2003 - so check back with us in a year to see if we have renewed FUTURAMA for another Season!! Hopefully the show will be with us for many years to come!
Great, but IF they decide to renew the episode order then, they'd have to set up an entirely new production team, 'cause if there aren't any episodes made this year the animation team obviously had to go look for new jobs, right? Most of the team already broke up, assembling a new one and start producing takes longer than from May to season start.
Thanks for writing
And thanks for responding.
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