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Next Award! A Phlemmy?!?

United Press International reports that the American Lung Association awarded Futurama and the Bernie Mac Show with a Phlemmy Award each for their irresponsible usage of tobacco in prime time Network TV shows.

With all respect for their cause - being a nonsmoker myself - I have absolutely no clue what show the 50 juror teens have been watching. Allegedly, the appearance of Joe Camel with the Marlboro Cowboy in 'Where the Buggalo roam' gave Futurama the honor. The word parody springs to mind. That scene was clearly geared towards poking fun at how the tobacco industry tries to charm teens with the usage of kid-friendly heroes.

Can't expect these Sacramento teens to get that, I guess. It's a bit sad to see a show like Futurama trying to help the cause of an organization and then getting a bad-rep award by the same organization.
After all, parody is a slippery road with ignorant people sliding into the ditch here and there.
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