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Season 2 DVD Imports to USA

Firstly: Sorry, there is no Futurama US DVD release news - neither season 1 nor season 2.

What you can do: Check if your DVD player is 'hackable' to region 2 and can convert PAL to NTSC. Many of the cheap and popular Apex models do that. As far as I know, Playstation2 won't though. (correct me in the comments).

The good thing is: If you have what's needed, importing it is all the nicer: When ordering from outside the EU, amazon will remove the VA-Tax which gets you a grand total of 53% off! This means even with shipping it's only $34 to the US.

PS: Yesterday evening, the set was at sales rank 239, this morning, it's at 19 already UPDATE: now we are #1! Hooray! Party at Zoidy's.
PPS: Make use of the "tell a friend" link at the top right on our Futurama Season 2 DVD detail page.

UPDATE: New price is £32!
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