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Creative Emmy Ceremony today

Short reminder: Today at 8pm, E! will broadcast a 2 hour summary of the 54th Creative Emmy Awards where Futurama won the Emmy for best animated program.
As the original cerermony was longer and had no commercial breaks, it's not yet sure if the Futurama part will be shown.

Update: Thanks go to Don Del Grande for this transcript of David X. Cohen's acceptance speech
This is a huge surprise; in fact, all I have with me is my concession speech, so if it's okay, I'm going to read this, but wherever the word "lose" appears, I'm just going to have to stick the word "win" in, so bear with me. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry, and, frankly, extremely angry that we had to win tonight. I don't mean to win my temper, but literally hundreds of people worked hard and pointlessly to produce this winning episode, including Stewart Burns, who wrote it; Rich Moore, who directed; our animators, the cast, Matt Groening, and all the writers and producers here with me now. As you can see, just by looking at them, they're all just a big bunch of winners. Now, I say we all head down to the bar and drink until we win consciousness. Thank you very much, everybody.
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