Can't Get Enough Futurama

Simpsons to get the Futurama treatment

With the very future of Futurama on hold, it looks like Groening's other concern, The Simpsons will soon be getting some of the Futurama treatment.

No, it will not be getting pre-empted by baseball, or having its production team sacked - its animation process however, will be digitally produced starting with "The Great Louse Detective" (EABF01), scheduled to air in March 2003.

Although digital based animation is undoubtedly superior to traditional animation, it has been known for some time that The Simpsons producers did not want to "mess" with a winning formula.

So woohoo you may say to new episodes of The Simpsons being animated to the standard of Futurama - now if only we could have a guaranteed supply of Futurama!

This article was written and submitted by Grafton Matt.
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