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A Different Future?

Some of you might have read the Channel 4 Teletext article about 3 months back in which Mat Groening said:
"It's not over. We are trying to keep it alive with movies, cartoons, video games, toys and comic books"
"if it's not Futurama, we are going to work on another project. I have a couple of series in the works and TV shows I want to do."
I recently also got similar words by David X Cohen:
"It [Cartoon Network syndication] increases the chances that we can at least keep doing video games, comics, etc... maybe even a movie someday"
So, I was wondering what you think about the prospect of a possible episode-free season with toys, games and maybe a movie instead.

I know that both - understandably - are some sensitive about this issue. In my view any Futurama is better than no Futurama, but what's your comment?
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