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CGEF Syndication

On my daily journey through Futurama content on the web, I recently came across a poorly done russian CGEF rip-off and I saw another one in German once, too. This made me think some. Why not have more talented people use some of our content instead of people taking our layout?

So, here we go: From now on we'll be serving our news headlines with a brief excerpt through the means of RSS 0.91 at If you got a PHP-nuke or Post-nuke website, you can easily include our headlines on your site and I think some blog systems allow syndicating RSS, too. Or just parse the XML inside the RSS-file (see a simple code sample in Perl).
If you use this feed, please try to fetch it no more than once an hour and send me a short eMail so I can see if things are working correctly.

Examples of CGEF News integrated into website designs (using a custom feed) can be seen at the Futurama Message Board PEEL or the light-weight CGEF version I set up at
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