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Words on Season 5 Premiere

Now, with only 2 days remaining till the Futurama Season 5 Premiere on Sunday at 7pm on FOX, it's time to tell all your friends to watch the show. Especially if they own a Nielsen rating card . And I mean it. Tell friends. And after the show, come back here to review it and help with the capsules.

Some teasers:
Al Gore guest-stars in the Nov. 10 season premiere of the Fox animated comedy "Futurama" as a disembodied head. In an episode written by his daughter Kristin, Gore's preserved cranium hosts an emergency summit to determine how to combat global warming caused by robot emissions. The former veep tells Entertainment Weekly that he's developed "a taste for cartoon acting. . . . I think I might have a future as a disembodied head."
-- Washington Post
Though I think they are wrong about the writing credits. Will have to see.
Now, if you
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