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Rough Draft Background Info

Rough Draft and Rough Draft Korea are the two animation studios which work(ed) on Futurama. The New York times has an article on how they were set up by artists in a garage and what they are doing now, following the steps of some of the founders: Gregg Vanzo and his wife Nikki Vanzo (Korea).
The Glendale office, which at its height had 130 people, mostly devoted to "Futurama," is now down to 30 as they await word. "It's sad to see people go, and annoying because we'll just have to restaff again if the show comes back," Mr. Vanzo said. "But that's just the way the animation business is."
Read the whole 2 page article called Commuting the Pacific, Unseating 'The Simpsons' at The New York Times.
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