Can't Get Enough Futurama

Finally: Futurama Season 5 Premieres

Good News everyone! I got your evening schedule for today!

5:00pm Phone 3 friends to tell them about Futurama airing.

6:00pm If you didn't do so yet, sign up (for free) at the Futurama Message Board PEEL, so you can post there after the episode aired.

6:30pm Prepare the popcorn, the couch and your dog for the show.

7:00pm Watch the episode! Does not apply in areas under the government of Football

7:30pm Come back here to Can't Get Enough Futurama to find the Episode Reviews (please more than one sentence if possible) and the Capsule Submission pages enabled. Be part of things!

7:45pm Check out the PEEL and the Futurama chatroom to find people to talk to about the episode. Open end!

And tomorrow we will bring you all the usual goodies like Trivia and Quotes. Enjoy.
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