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Season 5 Galore Madness

I hope all of you enjoyed Crimes of the Hot. If you didn't see it yet, enjoy yourself with the kickoff of Season 5. The episode just over, and cgef is here to offer you the following:
  • Framegrabs
  • - Also this season we will bring you over 200 high quality screenshots from the episode where you can relive each moment
  • Sounds & Quotes
  • - 15 sounds and quotes carefully placed on one page where you can check the sounds of the episode.
  • Scans
  • - A scan made by Andie Similon (me) where bender and the turtle are lying on the floor
  • Trivia
  • - You think you know everything about the new episode? Think again...
  • Episode Capsules
  • - You can submit all your capsule information to us, the current capsule is also online.
  • Review
  • - and finally, you can send in your opinion and review the episode. Please try to form more than one "It's cool" sentence ;)
And doing all this, we did not stop processing the submitted artwork that many of you fans have sent in. Impossible sent in 3 new nicely drawn pictures. Go check it out. Ok this is everything I got for you today, enjoy.
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