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Jurassic Bark

I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful episode, it's now one of my favorites. And of course, we have got a nice big update for you. The site was updated with the following 'Jurassic Bark' goodies:
  • Framegrabs
  • We got 250 high quality framegrabs for you to check out. Use it to relive the moment or if your affiliate showed the episode "in progress" again.
  • Sounds & Quotes
  • Seymour Asses? What's this about asses? Well if you want to check back on important quotes of the episode or to listen to them, this is the place to be.
  • Scans
  • I made 2 scans this time, they're very revealing. When the producers said this season was going to be revealing they weren't joking
  • Trivia
  • Hey wiseguy, think you know everything. Check out the trivia
Think this is all? Nope, now it's your turn to contribute
  • Reviews
  • If you're the type who always wants to give his 2 cents, well then give them about the latest episode. If you don't, also give your opinion :)
  • Capsules
  • Also the capsule submitting page of 'Jurassic Bark' is up. Check out the txt version.
Now go contribute.
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