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Jurassic Bark Mini FAQ

I'll use this space to answer some questions and remark on some info I got by email numerous times. Most of this can be found in the updated Jurassic Bark Capsule.

  • In the scene where Fry is in the Cryo Labs, there is a Nibblonian Eye in the waste basket.
  • A bit later one can see the shadow of a Nibblonian just like in Space Pilot 3k. However, there is a second shadow this time. Wait for "The Why of Fry" for the solution to this.
  • The song at the end is "I will wait for you". It was composed by Michel Legrand and sung by many artists. This version has Connie Francis.
  • There are many stories about "dog waiting for owner after death for many years". One would be Old Shep, another Hachiko.
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