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When Fans Call

As you probably know, this Sunday will be another rerun instead of a new episode. We are nearly in December and have only seen 2 episodes of what FOX calls a Season 5. The reason why there are no new episodes right now is Football of course. More accurately, it's the less than perfect time slot Futurama got. Next week, there will be a new Futurama episode, but ... it's going to be pre-empted for many again. Time to get involved.

Look up your local FOX affiliate phone number and give them a polite call. Ask them why there won't be a new episode this Sunday yet again. If they say Football, ask why it's not just scheduled later on seeing that there's sports on all the time. If you can't call today, plan on doing so on Monday. But call! Even if you are not on the east-coast.

If the local affiliates notice that there is a demand for Futurama to be actually shown, they might give some feedback to the HQ or at least schedule a rerun of the new episodes later the night for those areas that get pre-empted.
After you called, please give me a short email and tell me what they said. Thanks.
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