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Futurama DVDs for America

Looks like things are falling into their places. The US will get the Futurama Season 1 DVDs some time in the first half of 2003 according to a chat transcript with Peter Staddon of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:
Peter Staddon: There are so many TV titles coming down the road that I don't know where to start: Futurama, The Shield, King of the hill, Son of the Beach, nypd Blue, Dark Angel, Angel, Family Guy, and probably a couple that I've overlooked as well.[...]

Deepak JR: [...] Is there any word on Futurama or Family guy coming as season sets in the near future [...]?

Peter Staddon: Both Futurama and Family guy will be out in the first half of 2003.
Other DVD stuff:
  • Family guy Season 2 can be pre-ordered in the UK already.
  • If you got a region 2 capable DVD player, you might still want to buy Futurama DVDs from the UK as the Season 2 DVD set won't be available in the US anytime soon.
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