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Upcoming: Route of all Evil

Tomorrow at 7pm, the next new Futurama episode "The Route of all Evil" is going to air in parts of the States. The east coast has tough luck once again. According to Don Del Grande:

  • Definitely on: Atlanta, New York, St. Louis, Tampa
  • Probably on (definitely if the local game is sold out): Dallas, Kansas City, Washington
  • Probably in progress: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis
  • Definitely in progress if the local game is sold out: Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Pittsburgh
  • Definitely in progress: Detroit, New Orleans, Philadelphia

    Call your local affilate and ask if/when it is on. They might be able to show it later the night.

    The weeks ahead:
    Sunday 15th: Rerun of "Leela's Homeworld"
    Sunday 22nd: New episode "Taste of Freedom"
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