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A Taste of Freedom

As yesterday had the new episode "A Taste of Freedom" in store for some of the US, we of course have our regular multimedia and info update for you. Don't forget to help with the reviews and capsule.
  • Framegrabs: For those who missed it due to pre-emption or just want to see Zoidy's tentacles again.
  • Sounds & Quotes: 16 fun quotes to read and listen to.
  • Capsule: The first version of the episode capsule for you to sumbit to.
  • Reviews: The episode reviewing is now enabled. Read & Post! But please try more than 2 words when reviewing.
This will probably be one of the last updates on CGEF for a while as our working slaves are busy being jolly. If you are looking for Futurama news in the meantime, try PEEL. Cyas next year!
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