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Cartoon Network Futurama Schedule

In case you missed the quite substantial Futurama promotion on Cartoon Network, TNT, CNN and the local bus sides, here is the schedule for the first week of Futurama-goodness on Cartoon Network:

Sun 12th: Space Pilot 3000
Mon 13th: The Series Has Landed
Tue 14th: I, Roommate
Wed 15th: Love's Labour's Lost In Space
Thu 16th: Fear of a Bot Planet

All Futurama episodes air Sunday through Thursday at 11pm (E/P) in the original production order, which you can check at our Futurama Episode Guide by clicking the ACV links at the bottom.

In addition, Cartoon Network released their (rather simple) Futurama webpage which includes character profiles of Fry, Leela and Bender and 3 short video extracts from the first few Futurama episodes.
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