Can't Get Enough Futurama

Kif gets knocked up a notch frenzy

Hope you enjoyed watching Futurama's latest episode yesterday. Here we go with our features:

  • Episode Reviews: Tell us and others what you thought about the episode (if possible, not just two words)

  • Episode Capsule: This one needs your help. Saw anything worth a note? Goofs? References? Add them to the capsule.

  • Frame Grab: Lazy Andie dude gives you a nice set of screen shots in case you need to have a detail look at something that went by too fast.

  • Sounds & Quotes: 15 of the best lines in listen & read format

  • Trivia Quiz: If you want to see whether you paid enough attention to Futurama, have a look at this.

We are a bit behind with the trivia section and the capsule really needs your help this time due to time constraints on our side.
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