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Crossover Comic 1 in the UK

We got some exclusive information about the next Titan Publishing Futurama comic book featuring the first crossover issue. It will be on sale in the UK starting February 6th for £1.99. Inside is a contest to win a Wind-up Walking Homer and Bender from Unique Concepts and a Futurama Season Two DVD Boxset From Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. During February, you can subscribe to both Futurama Comics and Simpsons Comics and get 10% off.
Here is the Press text:
What do you get when you cross Futurama with the Simpsons? You get a cosmically colossal crossover comic, of course!

It is here! The much rumoured, much anticipated crossover of your two favourite shows, with all of the wit and hilarity that you have come to expect from Matt Groening has arrived.

Issue 3 of Futurama Comics sees the meeting of Homer and Bender, doing what they do best (with plenty of Duff), Bart up to his old tricks forcing Fry to face the consequences, and Leela looking after Lisa. How can this be? How can two shows, set in different realities, come together? All will be revealed in Futurama Comics Issue no3. Don't miss chapter one of the two-part miniseries. It is certainly worth the wait!
Thanks to Titan for the info, to subscribe to Titan Comics and get 10% off email or call 01536 764 646.
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