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Futurama Season 3 DVD Details

While Americans are still anxiously awaiting their Futurama Season 1 DVD release due on March 25th, some more details from the emerging European Futurama Season 3 DVD release are available through the British content rating board:
  • The season "5" episode "Route of All Evil" was reviewed, so we can expect to see it in the mix of the 22 episodes.
  • There will be 4 discs, just like with the season 2 DVDs.
  • There will be an animatic of the season "4" episode "Anthology of Interest 2".
  • Disc 4 has 3D models of the Momcorp ship, Robo Santa's sleigh, the Titanic, Nibbler's ship, the VW van, a tornado, a buggalo walk, the robot arm neighbourhood backlot and some hover convertible.
  • There are full length commentaries listed for 19 of the episodes. I'm somewhat confident that the remaining 3 will be on there in the end, too. We'll have to keep checking on this one.
  • A total of 15+ minutes of deleted scenes from 17 episodes.
There is no set release date, but the hints are pointing at late April or early May. I've added some extended info to our Futurama Season 3 DVD details page.
Thanks to the Puny Human for telling me that the info is there today after I looked for it in vain yesterday
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